Our sector expertise

The Natureo Finance team has acquired over the years extensive expertise across a wide range of technologies and business models within the resource efficiency, green technologies and renewable energies sectors, providing us with deep understanding of our clients’ ecosystems and equity stories. 

Natureo universe

Energy Storage

  • Battery and supercapacitor technologies
  • Power-to-Gas technologies
  • Hydroger storage


  • Decentralized energy production
  • Provision of flexibility
  • Energy self-consumption optimization

Renewable energy  

  • Solar, wind, hydro and biomass infrastructure
  • Innovative renewable energy technologies
  • Asset supervision and maintenance tools

Sustainable mobility

  • Electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles
  • Recharging and refueling infrastucture
  • Car sharing


  • Waste collection and treatment
  • Raw material recovery
  • Waste-to-Energy technologies

Environment & Sustainable Food

  • Water & air quality control and analysis
  • Sustainable agriculture and aquaculture
  • Depolution