Fund raising (equity/debt)

Respect, balance,
sustainability !

We accompany our clients during all phases of its fund raising process whether equity or debt. We typically focus on equity raisings in the range of €5 million to €30 million.

Our team objective is to minimize the demand of management time, and to maximize valuation through a structured and controlled process with selected potential investors, from initial contacts to the negotiation phase.

Depending on our client’s needs and leveraging upon Natureo’s corporate networks, we are capable of reaching the most relevant investors of different backgrounds:

  • Strategic corporate investors whether located in Europe, North America or Asia,
  • Venture capital and private equity firms in Europe and in North America,
  • Family investors.

Natureo Finance is a Listing Sponsor on Alternext Paris: our intention is to guide our corporate clients to select the most suitable financial strategy from private placement to going public.

Should the Euronext markets be the best option, we guide our corporate clients not only to the road of a fully compliant and successful IPO, but also accompany them during the often “neglected” post IPO period.